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Ralph Klein Stakes video preview (with Elimination Decision)

Written by Jeff Robillard/Mike Little
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Interview comments from drivers in the upcoming 2016 Ralph Klein Stakes race - this Sunday at Century Downs.


Ralph Klein Breeders Stake – Sunday, August 7, 2016 Century Downs Racetrack and Casino


A ruling was made by the Board of Judges that a foul had occurred in the 6th race on July 30, 2016 at Century Downs, an elimination race for the Ralph Klein Breeders Stakes Race. The judges issued sanction which included placing the horse found to have committed the foul in the place of the horse fouled, which had come in eighth place.  This had the effect of removing the first horse out of qualification for the Ralph Klein scheduled for Sunday August 7, 2016 and placing the 5th place horse into that race as one of the top four finishers.

An appeal was made the Appeal Tribunal; a single member of the Tribunal granted a stay of proceedings. Consequently, the judges decided, in the interest of fairness, to include the fifth-placed horse, in the final heat.  This would have resulted in a 9-horse final heat.

Upon reflection, and in consideration Rule 295(2), the judges have determined it would be inappropriate to allow both horses into the final heat. As the Stay of Proceedings suspended all aspects of the ruling regarding the ruling (including the revised placement), the first horse must be included in the final. Pursuant to Rule 368(4), as the number of horses allowed to start in that race is not to exceed the maximum number permitted to start (being 8 horses, pursuant to ASHA), the fifth-placed horse cannot be included in the final heat.

Rule 295(2) states that where a decision is required not covered by the Rules or any other rules, the judges must make a decision in accordance with best interests of racing. In these circumstances, where there is no opportunity to have the matter put before a fully constituted Appeal Tribunal before the Stakes Race is run, the judges are of the view the best interest of racing dictates that only 8 horses may run in the final heat and that the integrity of the Stay of Proceedings process must be maintained.

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