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Petition 02-2024: Horses racing every weekend

A. Brief Description of the Issue

Horses running every weekend.

B. Discussion of the Issue and Problem

What specific problems or concerns are involved in this issue?
We are trying to save the Horse population and yet trainers are not having the best interest of the Horses.

Who does the issue affect?
Owners, grooms, Horse racing Alberta and most of all the public.

What existing HRA rules relate to this issue?

C. Possible Solutions and Impact

What solution does this proposal provide?
Making a rule against running a Horse every weekend. 3 starts max in 30 days or even just 2!

How will the solution fix the problem?
Our Horses will stay sounder longer, not many Horses in Alberta are back the next season and hurts the population.

How will the change affect any entities or stakeholders?
No affect.

What are the benefits of the proposed change?
Sounder happier Horses should be all the benefits that need to be heard.

What are the possible drawbacks of the proposed change?
Owners and trainers might make a little less purse money but will most likely have a sounder animal.

D. Please identify any affected stakeholder groups that expressed support or opposition.

For those stakeholder groups that have expressed an opinion, please list the points on which they agree or disagree, and the arguments they have expressed.

Are there any affected stakeholder groups that have not been consulted on this proposal?

Please attach any formal letters of support or opposition by stakeholder groups. Files must be PDF format and under 2048k for the system to accept the upload. You can add a maximum of 3 attachments.

E. Attach the rule language you are proposing. Please show new language in a new paragraph below the current wording. If you are proposing that current rule language be eliminated, please indicate the text to be deleted with [delete: sample deleted copy]

No Horse shall run 2 consecutive weekends or run more than 3 times in 30 calendar days.

F. Do any racing jurisdictions currently have a version of this rule in effect? If yes, please attach copies of those rules.

G. Review the Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta and identify any other Rules this change would affect and submit proposed amendments to those rules to comply with changes that would be made by this proposal.


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