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Directive No. 107-2020 — Standardbred

The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta are AMENDED as follows:

Chapter 2: Licensing Rules, Part 1 Racing Officials: Designation and Licensing, Division 2 Other Racing Officials

The following Rule 32 s is AMENDED to read:

Rule 32 s Charter (standardbred responsibilities)

An Association shall appoint at least one charter who shall be responsible for properly and accurately completing the official chart by doing the following:

(a) reporting to the Judges's stand at least one-half hour before first posttime, and proof-reading each chart against the program, noting program changes, and changes made subsequent to the printing of the program;

(b) accurately recording the following information on the chart, regardless of type of race, and providing the completed chart to the Judges for verification and approval and also checking with the Standardbred Canada field representative after he/she has had the opportunity to input the chart information to the data base for error checks with the chart, for each race and making corrections as required:

(i) date, place and size of the track, if other than one-half mile;

(ii) symbol for free-legged pacers and hoppled trotters;

(iii) track condition, track variant (in increments of full seconds), distance of race, temperature;

(iv) claiming prices;

(v) post positions, position at the one-quarter, one-half, three-quarter, and stretch, with lengths behind the leader at each call;

(vi) at the completion of each race, determine from the photo-finish film the individual time and beaten lengths of each horse by using the formula of one-fifth of a second per length. Separations such as nose, neck, one-quarter, and one-half length do not signify one-fifth of a second difference, but separations of three-quarters of a length signify one-fifth of a second (the same as one full length), the order of finish will be determined by the Judges;

(vii) closing dollar odds and wagering information such as betting favorite, mutual field, mutual entry, etc.;

(viii) name of driver;

(ix) name of trainer;

(x) names of horses placed first, second, and third by the Judges;

(xi) the standard symbols for breaks, interferences, and parked-outs, where applicable;

(xii) explanations of placings and disqualifications in 'comments' section of official chart;

(xiii) wagering pools and pari-mutuel pools and pay offs, and

(xiv) in the case of horses enrolled in Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage Program, the appropriate symbol for Furosemide use as set forth in XXXXXXX hereof is assigned to the race lines for each certified horse.


Rule 32 s Charter (standardbred responsibilities) previously stated:

(1) A licensed operator must appoint at least one chart maker, who may be known as a charter.

(2) An appointed chart maker is responsible for properly and accurately charting the running of races in a manner consistent with standardbred charting in North America.

(3) An appointed chart maker must work under the direct supervision of the judges board.

Dated at the City of Edmonton
in the province of Alberta
this 23 day of May, 2020

Kent Verlik, Chief Executive Officer
Horse Racing Alberta

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