Thursday, 02 April 2020 11:19

Directive No. 159-2020 — Standardbred

The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta are AMENDED as follows:

Chapter 3: General Horse Racing Rules, Part 6 Standardbred Racing, Division 6 Racing Rules

The following Rule 455 s is AMENDED to read:

Rule 455 s Judges board inquiry sign

If a horse has not reached the Fair Start Pole when the horses are released at the starting point by the starter, the Judges shall cause the inquiry sign to be displayed immediately and shall request the horse be scratched from the mutuels.

Rule 455 s Judges board inquiry sign previously stated:

If the starter fails to sound a recall when required, the judges board must cause the "Inquiry" sign to be displayed immediately.

Dated at the City of Edmonton
in the province of Alberta
this 23 day of March , 2020

Kent Verlik, Chief Executive Officer
Horse Racing Alberta

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