Tuesday, 31 March 2020 16:32

Directive No. 113-2020 — All Breeds

The Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta are AMENDED as follows:

Chapter 3: General Horse Racing Rules, Part 3 Horse Racing Misconduct, Division 2 Rule Violations

The following Rule 287 g (1) (xi)(xii)(xv) is AMENDED to read:

Rule 287 g (1) Specific violations

(1) A person also violates these rules who,

The possession or use on a horse of any goading device, or chain, or spur, or mechanical or electrical device other than a riding crop used in the manner prescribed by the rules upon a horse shall constitute a violation.

Rule 287 g (1) (xi), (xii) and (xv) Specific violations previously stated:

(1) A person also violates these rules who,

(xi) unduly agitates or abuses a horse by chaining, or by brutal, excessive, or indiscriminate use of the whip, or otherwise;

(xii) uses or has in their possession at any time on the property of a licensed operator during a race meeting, whether during a race or otherwise, any electrical or mechanical device or other expedient, designed to increase or decrease the speed of a horse or that would tend to do so, other than an ordinary whip;

(xv) uses steels or spurs on a horse.

Dated at the City of Edmonton
in the province of Alberta
this 23 day of March , 2020

Kent Verlik, Chief Executive Officer
Horse Racing Alberta

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