Horse Racing Alberta (HRA) Penalty Guidelines for Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and Standardbred Racing Rule and Licensee Violations

As part of our commitment to modernizing our existing rules, policies and processes, HRA has completed a review of its penalties, including suspensions and monetary fines, to ensure they adequately deter racing participants and racing officials from violating the Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta. This document outlines the updated penalties for Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Standardbred horse racing rule and licensee violations.

A cross-jurisdictional review of violation penalties was conducted to ensure that HRA penalties are appropriately aligned with other Canadian provinces. Representatives from the various stakeholder organizations, including the Alberta Standardbred Horse Association, Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Alberta, Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Alberta Division), Alberta Quarter Horse Racing Association, Alberta Community Thoroughbred Racing Association, and “A” and “B” Racetrack Operators were consulted and provided their input into the process. The penalty guidelines were subsequently reviewed and updated by the HRA Regulatory Director and Supervisor of Racing, the Board of Stewards and the Board of Judges and then approved by the HRA Regulatory and Licensing Committee.

What follows (on the Penalty Matrix page) is not an exhaustive list of the penalties but rather a list of the most common violations. These guidelines provide recommended penalties only. Each violation has its own set of circumstances, which may lead to different penalties than those shown below. When considering penalties, the Board of Stewards and/or the Board of Judges will take into account the licensee’s horse racing rule and licensee violation penalty history. All other penalties will be at the discretion of the Board of Stewards and/or the Board of Judges.

Visit the Penalty Matrix by Racing Infraction Category page

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Effective at the start of the 2022 Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse race meet at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino.

Veterinary scratches for lameness or sickness will remain on the Veterinarian List, at the discretion of the Official Veterinarian, for a minimum of six (6) days starting with the race day it was scratched from. Some horses may also have to provide a qualified work for the Official Veterinarian.

Dale Gibson, D.V.M
Official Veterinarian
April 20, 2022

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Doug Fenske, Director of Regulatory and Supervisor of Racing at 780-415-5101.

Dated at the City of Edmonton
in the Province of Alberta
this 28th day of April 2022.

Doug Fenske
Director, Regulatory &
Supervisor of Racing

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