Tuesday, 29 October 2013 11:13

Robertino Diodoro and Glen Todd react to post position draw

Written by Jeff Robillard
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Broadway Empire — Post 6  — $1 Million Dollar Dirt Mile

Robertino how do you feel about post 6?

Prior to the draw I was speaking to the handicapper from the Daily Racing Form. He commented a middle post position would favor our horses running style. Sure enough we are the first ones out of the box with post 6 which is perfect.

We are very happy about that. Broadway Empire had a really good work last week and continues to be one hundred percent. Rico is here and he is pumped. Everyone in our barn is excited. So far all is good and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Commander — Post 3 — $500,000 Marathon

Glenn you drew Post Position 3

Yes and we were honestly hoping to be a few more places outside of our draw. Nothing changes in our plan. There is quite a bit of speed in the race that has our attention. We will have to watch the speed horses outside of us.

We are okay.  Commander is excellent, we still have three days, so we are trying to stay cool and not get excited right now. A lot was learned last year, we have been here before.  


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