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What's in a (horse) name?

Written by Curtis Stock
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What’s in a name asked William Shakespeare. The Bard was talking about roses but he could have been talking about horses too. Race horses often get their names from a combination of the sire and the mares names. Some are funny, some are clever, some are just too easy and others are simply bad.

Here are some examples I’ve collected over the last couple of years. You get a horse by the sire Wildcat Heir and out of the mare Million Dreams and what do you come up with? Million Heir. That’s pretty solid.

So is Win Win Win: a son of Hat Trick. Or Whodunit, a son of the mare Movie Mystery. What About Tonight’s dam is Someothertime.  And Seek is by Run Away and Hide.

You get a foal by Adios Charlie and you name it So Long Chuck. That’s pretty good too. Another one of Adios Charlie’s foals was named He Iz Gone. That’s almost as good.

I also like the name of the daughter of Broken Vow out of Another World and how they came up with Worlds Apart. Or there is Scoreearlyandoften who is by Early Flyer out of Scoring Chick.

Then there’s the foal by Payntar named Mysurewinwilliams. Another son of Payntar was named Vincent Van Gogo.

Or how about Cutting Humor who is by First Samurai out of Pun? That’s excellent. Then there’s Joule. Her dam is Watt Ever. One of the foals out of Just Say Goodbye is named Well Hello. The dam Honey Dew List had a horse named Honey Won’t.

One of Scat Daddy’s many offsprings is Go Away. The mare Wild and Windblown had a foal named Tousled. The sire Blame and the broodmare Legally Blanca had a colt named False Accusation.

The mare Mymotherwasamudder was bred to Whiskey Wisdom and the result was Mudwieser. Perfect. I also like Its Cold in Dehere: a daughter of Ice Box out of a Dehere mare and Fast Getaway, who is by Into Mischief out of Stolen Car.

Some horses are named after famous people or characters. Like Phyllis Driller who is by Drill; Joe Di Baggio, who is out of Baggio; Ferber who is the, albeit misspelled, daughter of Curlin; Barney Rebel; Filly Joel; Filly Jean King; Vinnie Van Go; Billycrystalball; Wile E Peyote and Gringo Star.

Tom Hagen, the fictional character in The Godfather is by El Padrino. Lucille Bull is by Benny the Bull out of Lovely Lucille. Too easy is Hopewick. She’s by Brunswick out of Jennifer’s Hope.

The same is, er, true for True Thought whose sire is Yes It’s True and out of the mare Speed of Thought. Similarly too easy is Lookinlikeaqueen who is by Lookin At Lucky out of Rockandrollqueen.

Then there’s Wicked Max who is by Albertus Maximus out of Wicked Tag; Just the Max who is by Silver Max out of Just the One; Yesterdaysplan, who is by Plan out of Yeserdaystouch; Willing to Speed a combination of the sire Will Take Charge and the mare License to Speed and A Fleeting Feather a mix of the sire Afleet Alex and the dam Heather’s Feather.

Better is Tizthundeerinnow. He’s by Slew’s Tiznow out of Dane’s Thunder. Same with No Bad Days, who is by the sire Carpe Diem out of the mare Bless. Or Watch My Dust who is out of the mare Maid Service.

There’s a grey horse called Roan Like the Wind. Jaywalking is a filly. Her sire is Cross Traffic and the dam is by Into Mischief. Flashinthepants is by Bold n’ Flashy out of Hot Pants. Done Acting is out of Theatrically out of Done Talking. That’s good.

You take the sire Grand Slam and breed him to Kid Soup and you get Slam Chowder. Or you connect Gone Astray with the mare Gone to Paris and you get Go Gone Gone. The sire Freud has a son named Givetheman a Cigar obviously named after the the founder of psychoanalysis who once said “a cigar is sometimes just a cigar.”

Don McLean who wrote and sang the Day the Music Died is referenced by the gelding Day the Music Died who is by Maclean’s Music. In Denile is by Pioneer the Nile out of Indy Girl. Bet U Cant Find Me is by Run Away and Hide. If Ur Cute Im Quick is by Be Real Quick out of On the Cute Side. Tell Me Maux is by Telling. The dam is Maux Money.

Some horse’s names are just bad. Like who would name a horse Zitman and expect something special? The same goes for Slowpoke, Crooked as Can Be, Odds R Against Us; Stink Man; Wilburnmoney; White Flag; Far From Awesome; Left for Dead; In Arrears; Lost and Outrun. Somebody named a horse Apolodorodedamasco. What?

Finally, for obvious reasons I like the horse named Stock and another one named Curtis.

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