Friday, 16 September 2016 14:22

External Racetrack Licensing Review Committee has selected a successful applicant

Written by Jeff Robillard

After thorough review and consultation, the External Racetrack Licensing Review Committee recommended a successful applicant to build, own and operate an “A” Track in the Edmonton market area to the Board of Directors of Horse Racing Alberta. The Board of Directors, after careful consideration of the recommendation voted to accept the External Committee’s recommendation.

The successful applicant now moves to the next phase of the “A” Track Licensing process.

Horse Racing Alberta wishes to thank all the applicants that participated in the Expression of Interest and Request for Proposal process, submitting unique proposals to further grow and stabilize the horse racing industry, making the task of the External Review Committee a difficult one.

We would also thank the industry and all stakeholders for their patience during this extensive process which will conclude with an “A” Horse Racing Track in the Edmonton market area.

Horse Racing Alberta will provide further information regarding the successful applicant, early next week, after all applicants have been notified of the decision.

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