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Jackpot High 5 hit two weeks before Canadian Derby

Written by Matt Jukich, Northlands Park
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There was one at Northlands Park on Saturday that was worth a touch more - $162,189.

Barry of Athabasca and 13 others, dubbed the Kielbasa Gang, will share the $162k jackpot after Bold Triumph won the nightcap on Saturday afternoon, and a pair of longshots filled out the top three. With the 3/5 choice Smokin Babe losing a photo for 3rd, and having to settle for 4th – it was the perfect storm that took down the jackpot that had started building on opening day. Had Smokin Babe gotten up for 3rd, there would have been multiple winning tickets, and the jackpot would have survived yet again. She didn’t, so Barry and friends were the big winners.

Barry can’t be described as a regular, but when it was suggested to him to come to Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino for his 40th wedding anniversary, he jumped at the chance. When he first walked in the doors on Saturday afternoon and found out that the carryover in the Jackpot High 5 had reached more than $157,000, he immediately asked how he could get involved in the wager. The group spent the afternoon in Colours enjoying the buffet, and after discussing the wager throughout the day, they decided they wanted to get in on it as well. So, they broke up into teams of two, decided to pool the winnings, and each pair put together a .20 cent five horse Jackpot High 5 box - $24 for each ticket. And sure enough, one was the lone winning ticket that secured them the jackpot.

When asked about the handicapping that went into constructing the ticket, Barry said that it was nothing more than their lucky numbers. Not a bad day for them to come up lucky.

Congratulations to Barry and the Kielbasa Gang on their big win of $162,189 at Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino!

The 87th Canadian Derby is coming up on August 20th at Northlands Park, featuring performances from Paul Brandt and Gord Bamford. It is the highest handling day for the entire season, where you could end up as lucky as the Kielbasa Gang.

Kielbasa gang celebrating

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