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Road to the Canadian Derby

Written by Crystal Leriger
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There are 75 live thoroughbred race dates this year, but there is one day that shines the brighter than the rest.

A day that warrants distinction for much more than a special colour on the race calendar, a noon post time and it's own #hashtag.

For 86 years, The Canadian Derby has been the pride of Alberta thoroughbred racing. It is a special day filled with pomp, pageantry and the finest tradition.

The Run for the Daisies is the most prestigious thoroughbred race in Western Canada and continues to grow in stature and sentiment with each passing season.

The ultimate prize is to reserve a spot in history along side the courageous Spangled Jimmy, the 1957 Derby Champion or Chariot Chaser, the incredible filly who triumphed in 1965 and the great Scotman, who captured the western triple crown in 2000.

Every aspect of the Canadian Derby makes this iconic race truly unique. The distance of 1 3/8 miles is an iron test of endurance and courage for the elite equine athletes. It is coined a ‘rider's race’ chock-full of strategy and calculation blessed with the perfect amount of racing luck. It may not always be the best horse that wins the race, but the best trip and the best ride in the best two minutes of their lives.

Part of the Derby magic is the anticipation of the dream. The belief that anything is possible. The excitement grows with each obstacle overcome, each stepping stone conquered and finally proving yourself as a legitimate contender for the crown.

To secure a spot in the starting gate on the biggest day of the year and earn a chance to compete for the ultimate prize, is to solidify your spot in the history books as one of the best of the best.

The Canadian Derby promises unparalleled action, entertainment and glamour. The horses epitomize power and beauty, and the jockeys, a fearless strength and courage. Together they embody the glory that is the Sport of Kings.

On August 15th, the 86th Canadian Derby will be the pinnacle of the most memorable day of the racing season. A new cast has emerged, with new dreams and a new hope to be the next history makers.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the most anticipated day of the year! Join us live at Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino, buy your tickets at or watch the live television broadcast from 5-6pm on CTV.

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