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Board of Directors - Public Members (6 opportunities)

Written by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
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Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Edmonton

As the Minister responsible for the Horse Racing Alberta Act (the Act), the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance is seeking applications from individuals interested in serving as public members on the Board of Directors of Horse Racing Alberta.

Horse Racing Alberta (HRA) is a corporation that was established by statute in 1996. HRA was established to lead racing industry renewal and to manage industry self-regulation.

Under the Act, HRA's mandated objectives are to:

  • Govern, direct, control, regulate, manage, and promote the Alberta horse racing and breeding industry;
  • Protect the health, safety, and welfare of racehorses and with respect to horse racing, the safety and welfare of racing participants and racing officials;
  • Safeguard the interests of the general public in horse racing.

For more information about HRA, please visit: thehorses.com.

Board of Directors

Under the Act, the Board of Directors is appointed by the Government (by Order in Council). The Chair is also designated by Order in Council.

In accordance with amendments made to the Act in fall 2014, the HRA Board of Directors will consist of five industry representatives and six public members. One of the public members must be designated as Chair.

The Board is responsible for the governance of HRA and overseeing the management of HRA's business affairs. The Board guides HRA's strategic direction and operational policies, approves and monitors HRA's business plan, operational plan, and financial results, and approves and monitors the performance of the Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Directors, including the public members, are responsible for guiding and governing HRA in carrying out all the functions of HRA under the Act.

The Chair, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors, has the following responsibilities:

  • Providing leadership to and overseeing the conduct of Board members (e.g., chairing meetings).
  • Acting and speaking publically on behalf of the Board.

Closing Date: February 26, 2015. Job ID #1028576

Competencies and Experience:

Applicants for public members must demonstrate:

  • Experience and understanding of business and board governance principles.
  • Leadership experience demonstrated through past roles.
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise judgment, solve problems and achieve consensus.
  • Strong analytical skills, an ability to articulate views in discussion and the ability to mediate disputes.
  • Passion and interest in the advancement of Alberta's horse racing and breeding industry.
  • Previous board experience and working with diverse stakeholders is preferred.

The Chair will have:

  • Extensive board experience with proven success as an executive leader.
  • Understanding of the horse racing industry in Alberta and other jurisdictions.
  • Passion and interest in the advancement of Alberta's horse racing and breeding industry.
  • Experience that demonstrates in-depth knowledge of business planning. Accountability processes, and performance management systems.
  • Proven ability to build collaborative relationships with a wide variety of stakeholder groups to achieve mutual goals and balance diverse needs and interests.
  • Experience overseeing significant fiscal and human resources.
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to take complex information and diverse points of view into consideration in making sound decisions.
  • Strong interpersonal, collaborative, decision making and team building abilities.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills and strong organizational capacity.
  • A reputation for demonstrating fairness and integrity.

The expected time demands of this role require approximately ten meetings per year and additional committee work, if applicable. Committees meet approximately seven times per year.


Under the Act, remuneration to be paid by HRA to the directors and to the Chair will be set by Order in Council, which will also provide for the reimbursement of expenses.

Final candidates will be required to undergo a comprehensive background check covering security screening and disclosure statements.

Please submit your resume and cover letter as indicated below. Please indicate in your cover letter if you have interest as serving as the Chair.

Visit jobs.alberta.ca to apply directly on-line, or fax your resume to Human Resource Services, Fax (780) 422-0421. When applying online, please submit your cover letter and resume as one file. Online applications will receive an automated confirmation. You will be contacted if you are selected for an interview. Our contact number is (780) 427-3070.




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