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HRA Announces 2023 Funding for Breed Improvement and Racehorse Procurement Incentive Programs

Written by Dawn Lupul

The Breed Improvement Program (BIP) and Racehorse Procurement Incentive Program (RPIP) are designed to encourage horsepeople in Alberta to acquire new racehorses and breeding stock through various means with financial assistance from Horse Racing Alberta (HRA). Each breed organization has specific and unique ways for distributing the funds with the common goal of getting money into the industry to help offset the costs of horse acquisition.

These are the funding amounts and the programs for 2023.

Breed Improvement Program Funding Allocation:

The total budget for 2023 for the Breed Improvement Program is set at $3,900,000 to be split as follows:

  • Thoroughbreds - $2,164,110
  • Standardbreds - $1,301,820
  • Other Breeds - $434,070

The following is a brief breakdown of how the money will be allocated by each association.


CTHS Alberta Division, HBPA, and ACTRA Breed Improvement Program Budget $2,164,110

Association and Related Support

This part of the budget includes operational grants for sales promotion, sponsorships, specialized publications, statistical reviews, and administration. It also provides Awards Night support including trophy sponsorship and plaques, and funds the Alberta Fall Classic Sponsorship.
Total funding $371,000

Owners’ Breeding Support

Owners receive support in various ways, including through Alberta foaled racing bonuses for placing top three in sanctioned races. Purses for Alberta Bred restricted races, Alberta Breeders’ Fall Classic, Community Racing Alberta Bred Stakes purses, and Alberta Yearling Sales Stakes races are derived from this part of the budget.
Total funding $1,105,000

Breeders’ Support

This includes the Breeders’ bonuses for Alberta foals who finish top three in sanctioned races and the new Foal Incentive Program. Breeders who breed a maiden mare or an open mare from 2022 will receive $2500 per mare when bred to an Alberta stallion. Also, breeders with in-foal mares that have not foaled in Alberta in 2021 and 2022 will be eligible for $5,000.
Total funding $613,110

Stallion Owners Breeding Awards

The Stallion bonus is awarded to stallions who have progeny with earnings over $10,000 and who stood in Alberta for the entire year.
Total funding $75,000


ASHA Breed Improvement Program Budget $1,301,820

Association Support

This includes the Operational Grant, ASHA Breeder Support for the Yearling Sale and promotion, the 4H Program, and Awards Night.
Total $220,000

Breed Support

This provides purse money for the Alberta Sires Stake Program.
Total $480,000

The Breeders Bonus program offers funding to the owner of mares that are bred to stallions registered with the Alberta Sires Stakes program. Earnings of Alberta-sired horses aged two through four, inclusive of stakes race earnings and out of province earnings, are eligible for a share of the annual bonus pool.
Total $451,820

The ASHA 3-year-old Filly and 3-year-old Colts and Geldings Breeder Stakes are funded through the program at $75,000 each.
Total $150,000

Other Breeds/AQHRA:

AQHRA Breed Improvement Program Budget $434,070

Association and Related Support

This includes funding for the association, awards night support, Horse Industry of Alberta support, Canada QH Cup sale promotion, and marketing.
Total $78,650

Breeding Support

The Stallion Stakes Program composed of the Alberta Stallion Stakes Futurity, Derby, and Maturity Series is part of the breeding support funding allocation. The Alberta Bred Stakes Program, which includes the Futurity, Derby, and Maturity for Alberta Breds, is part of this program as well, as is the Yearling Sale Stakes Program which is linked to the Canada Quarter Horse Cup Futurity, Derby, and Classic. The Aged Series for Alberta Bred restricted or preferred is the fourth component of this funding.
Total $252,705

Shared Owner/Breeder/Stallion Bonuses

This part of the funding covers the Foaled in Alberta Stakes Race Bonus for owner and breeder, the Foaled in Alberta Overnight Race Bonus prorated between owner and breeder, the Stallion Owner’s Bonus of horses foaled in Alberta, and the AQHRA Sale Futurity.
Total $102,715

Racehorse Procurement Incentive Program (RPIP) Funding:

The total program allocation of $500,000 will be split between the Racing Associations/Tracks as follows:

  • HBPA - $200,000
  • ASHA - $200,000
  • AQHRA - $50,000
  • ACTRA / “B” Tracks - $50,000

Some highlights of the RPIP plans follow:


The HBPA of Alberta will pay 50% or up to $7,500, whichever amount is less, on claims or purchases from a public sale made outside of Alberta. The owner must leave the horse’s papers in the Century Casinos Alberta race offices until the end of the 2023 Century Casino Alberta Racing Season and race the horse exclusively at Century Casino Alberta Racetracks until the end of the 2023 season.

The HBPA also offers a 2023 Shipping Incentive Program. A $1,500 bonus will be paid to any horse brought to Century Tracks for the 2023 racing season. The horse must not have started in Alberta prior to the 2023 racing season. The $1,500 will be paid out as $500 per start for the first three starts made at Century Tracks, and the horse must remain at Century Tracks for the 2023 season. Horses are allowed to ship to make one start in a Stake Race with a purse at or above $40,000 with permission in writing from the HBPA Manager.


ASHA will pay 50% of the purchase price including shipping to a maximum of $6,000 per horse to owners who purchase a horse that has never raced in Western Canada. The original purchaser must sign a document stating that the horse will remain in Alberta for 12 calendar months from the date the horse lands in Alberta. The payouts will be 40% when the horse lands in Alberta and 20% for each of the first three starts the horse makes. In addition, ASHA intends to purchase horses for resale to members to help those who don’t have the ability or means to travel to purchase horses on their own.

Members can purchase broodmares that haven’t been in Alberta for three racing seasons or longer. Purchasers are refunded 50% of the purchase price including shipping to a maximum of $6000 for mares in foal and $5000 for mares bought open.

To assist breeders, the program will pay $300 when a foal they bred makes its first start in Alberta, and another $300 when the foal wins its first race. This will begin with foals of 2023.

There is also a new program for trainers shipping to race in Alberta which will offer up to $10,000 per trainer with six or more horses. The funds will be paid at 50% when the stable lands in Alberta and 50% 90 days after their first horse races.


Alberta Purchases

An owner purchasing an aged racehorse (3 years old and up) is eligible to receive up to 50% of the purchase price up to a maximum of $5,000. It must be a new owner, or an owner not licensed by HRA in the last three years. The payment will be made at $1,250 per start for up to four starts, and a minimum of two starts must be at an A track.

Purchases Outside of Alberta

An owner purchasing a racehorse outside of Alberta, foaled 2021 or later, is eligible to receive up to 50% of the purchase price up to a maximum of $6,000. The racehorse must not have raced in Alberta within the last year. The payment will be made at $2,250 for its first start and $1,250 per start for up to the next three starts. A minimum of two starts must be at an A track.

Syndicates or Partnerships

To be eligible, only one person can be a current licensee. The owners of any racehorse purchased under this program will receive up to 50% of the purchase price to a maximum of $8,000. The racehorse must be foaled 2021 or later.

Shipping incentive

Owners will receive $1,500 per racehorse, prorated on three starts ($500 per start), for horses shipping to race from outside of Alberta. AQHRA has the right to refuse any and all applications. Applicants accept all other terms and conditions relating to the program, which may be amended from time to time.


To all eligible owners, ACTRA will pay $1500 for horses purchased privately and $2,000 for claimed horses. Claimed horses must not have raced in Alberta, and the claiming price must be a minimum of $3,000. The amount owing to the owner will be paid out equally (25%) over the horse’s first four starts (two starts must be at RMTC and two must be at Evergreen Park).

The programs have been approved by the Board of HRA for 2023. For specific information and program details, please visit the following websites:

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