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What’s New at Horse Racing Alberta

Written by Dawn Lupul

I attended the Horse Racing Alberta Board meeting at Century Mile Racetrack on November 24, 2022, and would like to share with you some of the items discussed.

Fun for Fans:

Since its inception in 2010 as a shared concept between Bill Andrew and Fred Gillis, the Fun for Fans racehorse charity program has given away $250,000 to local charities.

The initiative has been such a success that the program is going to purchase a second Standardbred racehorse. The interest from charities such as Stars Ambulance and the Stollery Children’s Hospital shines a positive light on horse racing and the exposure of new fans to the racetrack is significant.

This video from HRA tells the story of the funding and the fun that this program is providing to charities and fans alike.

Backstretch Foundation Funding:

There are many ways we can make the backstretch a better, safer, and kinder place for all racing participants. HRA has committed annual funding and the Backstretch Foundation conducts successful fundraisers throughout the year so there is money available when and where it is needed. Some uses include providing warm clothes to those who don’t have any and helping injured workers if needed. It’s a great program and all who help are appreciated!


Good news as license fees will remain the same for next year, except for an increase for practicing veterinarians. There is also a new three-year option available to make it more convenient and hassle-free to remain licensed. An online licensing program is under development and is scheduled for release in 2023.

Fractional Ownership:

As this method of horse ownership gains in popularity, HRA recognizes that all breeds can utilize this type of marketing to attract a new fan base. Fractional ownership licenses cost $10 for two years and are available to new owners only.

The Track on 2:

There is excitement in the industry as The Track on 2 received approval to operate as a Racing Entertainment Centre. The facility is now contributing to the Funding Agreement and is operating on a level playing field with the other racetracks. These developments continue to solidify the reach of hore racing in the province.

Dawn Lupul
Director, Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

The Board of HRA consists of the Board Chair, eight Directors representing the various breed organizations and racetracks, three Directors representing the public, and two government-appointed ex-officio (non-voting) members. The Board is responsible for the governance of HRA and for providing direction to management to ensure the strategies and operational activities outlined in the Business Plan and the Horse Racing Alberta Act are achieved.
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