Friday, 31 March 2017 14:04

Update on items allowed in the retention area

Written by Steve Suttle
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Further to the Notice to Industry dated September 16, 2016, the CPMA has listened to feedback received concerning the number of buckets allowed in with a horse called to test and the prohibition of towels in the retention area.

We acknowledge that due to current infrastructure at a small number of tracks, it can be difficult to both provide drinking water and water to cool a horse. Therefore, effective immediately, horsepersons will be able to once again bring two buckets into the retention area with a horse called to test.

The CPMA has also received feedback regarding the decision to prohibit horse persons from bringing towels into the retention area. CPMA does not have a concern with towels specifically, but rather with the substances that may be contained on the towel. Therefore, the CPMA has advised racecourse associations that they may, if they wish, stock clean towels within the retention area for use by horsepersons.

The CPMA would like to thank those who shared their views and comments, and demonstrated their continued support for the operation of the CPMA's Equine Drug Control Program.


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