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Enhanced Clenbuterol testing protocol for Flat Racing In Alberta

Written by Doug Fenske
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Starting May 1, 2017, HRA will enhance the testing of clenbuterol in Alberta flat racing by implementing a screening limit equivalent to a 14 day elimination time when clenbuterol is administered orally at 0.8mcg/kg twice daily.

TAKE NOTICE THAT effective May 1, 2017, all flat racing in the Province of Alberta and where those horses have been selected to provide an Official Sample as defined by the CPMA and its regulations, may have the samples subjected to enhanced testing for the presence of the drug clenbuterol. The Certificate of Positive Analysis of an Official Sample from Maxxam Analytics Laboratories reporting any overages, will be presented to HRA.

TAKE NOTICE THAT any sample where clenbuterol is confirmed and considered an overage of the new screening limit either in urine or blood, will be deemed to be a violation of the Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta and will be treated as a Class 3 drug positive. The following regulatory action against the trainer and or owner of the horse will result in:

  1. Treated as a Class 3 drug positive as per Horse Racing Alberta Penalty Guidelines for Equine Drug and TC02 Offences Effective May 2, 2014 and the ARCI, Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances.
  2. The horse will be ineligible to race until:

(i) the trainer and or owner provides a negative test result for the horse at their expense approved by HRA Official Veterinarian and;

(ii) the HRA investigation is complete.

TAKE NOTICE THAT if clenbuterol, under the new adopted guidelines of 14 day withdrawal, is confirmed in a horse that has been claimed, the regulatory action will be imposed against the original trainer and or owner of record and the claimant has the option to return the horse to the original owner and the claiming price plus GST will be returned to the claimant. The request to return the horse shall be made in accordance with the procedures outlined in Rule 335 of the Rules Governing Horse Racing in Alberta . If the horse is not returned, the new owner will be required to provide the negative test result prior to entering the horse to race.

Doug Fenske
Manager Racing Supervision & Security

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