Wednesday, 13 April 2016 10:34

ARCI Pick (n) Pool Rule Changes

Written by Steve Suttie, CPMA

Memorandum to: Provincial Regulatory Bodies, Canadian Horse Racing Associations, Horse Persons Groups

SUBJECT: ARCI Pick (n) Pool Rule Changes

On March 24, 2016 the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARC!) Board of Directors adopted a proposal to amend the RCI Model Rules for changes to the Pick (n) Pool. As per section 143 of the Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations, this type of bet is available to Canadian race-course associations.

The amendments to the Pick (n) Pool;

1. Require associations to pay, on a "mandatory pay-out day", the net pool and any carryover amounts to winning ticket holders when official results can be determined for at least one race of the pool,

2. Provide racetracks an option to the favorite substitution rule where their provincial racing Commission has approved them to allow their patrons to select an alternate horse in case of a scratch in addition to the favorite substitution rule, and

3. Provide greater certainty to the requirement when there is no ticket with at least one winner in any leg of the selected Pick (n) Pool races. In these situations, if the Method has a carryover, then the day's bets will be added to the carryover. If the Method has no carryover, then the day's bets are refunded.

These changes are administrative in nature and add greater certainty and standardization to the current Pick (n) pool rules. The amending language to the Pick (n) pool rules will soon be available online at Association of Racing Commissioners International Model Rules.

Should any Canadian race-course association have a recommendation to add or to change any type of pari-mutuel pool rule, please contact CPMA.

Sincerely, Steve Suttie

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