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Clarification on the changes in CPMA Elimination Guidelines 2016 booklet

Written by Steve Suttie, CPMA

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SUBJECT: Clarification on the changes in the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency's (CPMA) Elimination Guidelines 2016 booklet

As mentioned in the CPMA memorandum of January 20, 2016, the recently released Elimination Guidelines 2016 booklet contains several modifications from previous editions of the booklet. The intent of this memorandum is to clarify what the new changes mean to racing industry participants. A summary of these changes is presented in the attached table. Notably, CPMA no longer provides elimination guidelines for some substances previously covered in the booklet. Testing of official samples for the presence of these substances will however continue, as they remain on the List of Drugs prohibited by the Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations.

Other changes include longer elimination times and the removal of elimination guidelines for doses and routes of some substances contained in previous editions of the booklet. These guidelines can no longer be relied upon for avoiding a positive test.

The elimination guidelines in the 2016 booklet are the current guidelines and stakeholders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with all the changes in the new publication {booklet). CPMA continues to recommend that owners, trainers or any person in charge of or having care of a race horse consult their own veterinarian for advice and guidance in the use of all drugs and medications in their horses

The CPMA's Elimination Guidelines 2016 booklet replaces all previous editions of the CPMA's Schedule of Drugs.

Steve Suttie

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