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The Economic Impacts of Horse Breeding, Raising and Racing in Alberta 2015

Written by Shirley McClellan
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The 2015 Serecon Report, “The Economic Impacts of Horse Breeding, Raising and Racing in Alberta 2015”, commissioned by Horse Racing Alberta, has been posted on our web site. We have traditionally commissioned these reports every two years in order to assess the potential for growth, as well as actual activity of the Horse Racing Industry in Alberta. This also allowed HRA to evaluate the effectiveness of programs such as Breed Improvement. (This program was an initiative designed to grow both the breeding industry and the quality of horses racing.)

The two year cycle of reporting was interrupted after 2011, as the loss of the Calgary track left the industry in a rather stagnant position. With the opening of Century Downs at Balzac this spring, it was considered important to review the economic impact incorporating actual activity for Century Downs Racetracks first months of operation.

Serecon has completed that work and it is clear that the re-entry of an “A” track in the Southern market has inspired confidence and opportunity for the industry. 

On behalf of the 7,200 Albertan’s employed in our industry, our owners, trainers, drivers and fans, we are excited and encouraged by the positive numbers displayed in this report.  

Download a pdf version here or visit the Documents page for a link

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