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Is the Past Helping or Limiting You?

Written by Dawn Lupul

Using history to predict the future is a common occurrence in society. People who play the stock market do it, oddsmakers for professional sports betting do it, and the government does it.

Trends can be useful in many ways to provide a framework for what we think is going to happen next. It’s the pursuit of trying to make the past relevant in predicting a future event.

It might give us a sense of order, but it can be very limiting to assume that things will happen the way they have before. Even expecting others in your life to be as they have always been can be unfair.

While it can be helpful to have a certain conception or expectation of how things tend to work in any given situation, it can also stop us from seeing new possibilities.

What does this have to do with betting? Everything.

We use past performances to try to determine what a horse is likely to do in its next start. You might think it’s all we have, but rewards come to those who are willing and able to read beyond the lines. If you use the same tools that everyone else is using, you will likely come up with the same opinion, good or bad.

That can affect your bottom line.

The ability to think in a contrarian manner can really make a difference in your game. Using various stats such as trainer angles, track trends, and post position data can give you insights that others are unable to see. Having an opinion that differs from the crowd is necessary if you want to be successful as a bettor. Any time that you can discover information that isn't easily accessible to everyone, you are giving yourself an edge that will pay off in the long term.

Being able to read the body language of horses is a valuable skill that not everyone possesses. It is subjective, as no two people will see a horse in exactly the same way, but because of this it can provide those who take the time to learn the skill an ability to amass a profit overtime. Closely watching replays and finding subtle troubled trips during races is another way. The majority of people don't have the time or the patience to do this extra work.

It used to be enough to keep some records of trainer tendencies in different situations, but because that information is now more accessible to everyone through the Internet, it is necessary to go above and beyond. Focusing your attention on one specific track can be helpful, because that way you can gain unique insights and employ a home court advantage in your wagering.

Any time that you can step away from what the crowd is doing, you maneuver yourself into a better position to boost profits. Don't be afraid to stand alone. It may seem lonely, but there's something to be said for genius not needing company.

Find something that you are able to specialize in that can set you apart. This is imperative as you search for the elusive success of betting horses for profit.

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