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2019 ASHA Yearling Sale

Written by Colleen Haining, ASHA

Sale Starts with a BANG and the momentum continues

The Alberta Standardbred Horse Association held their 2019 Yearling Sale yesterday afternoon in Olds, AB.  The positive climate of Standardbred racing and the optimism of racing participants was clearly evident at this year’s sale and the prices reflected the feeling that racing is once again on the rise in Alberta.  On behalf of ASHA’s President William Andrew and the Board of Directors, we would like to thank all the breeders and the Alberta horsemen for their continued support and the resilience these past few years. 

A total of 42 yearlings were sold for $438,100.00, producing an average price of $10,430.95. We are pleased with the results and the 8% increased average over all, as compared to last year.

The sale started out with a bang when Hip #1, “Call Your Dragon” sold for $20,500.  Though the sale kept its momentum, the real sparks flew in the latter part of the sale when, Hip # 45 Dodger Blue was the sale topper with a final bid of $45,000. Dodger Blue, purchased by Keith Clark and consigned by Meridian Farms is a handsome colt sired by Sportswriter out of the Pro Bono Best mare Divine Justice. 

Less than ten yearlings later, Sent By Angels became co-sale topper selling for $45,000 as well.  This beautiful brown filly sired by Custard the Dragon out of the Rock N Roll Heaven mare Bin N Heaven was purchased by JJJ Stables and was consigned by James Rhodes of High River, Alberta.

The 2018 “Name That Foal” baby named by Daphne M of PEI grew into a sharp looking filly selling to Sandor Jaszai and Brent Bodor, both of Calgary, AB. 

ASHA and Meridian Farms were overjoyed to have representatives from three of the “Let the Sun Shine” groups at the sale.  Autism Speaks, The Olds and District Hospice Society, and Airdrie Vicitms Services were on hand for the blanket presentation to Lee Ibey, agent for Richard Schneider who purchased Silver Screen.  This spunky filly consigned by Meridian Farms and Dayton Rickard 4-H has been started with a great foundation of care and breeding and is sure to go on to do great things in her career.  Silver Screen (Vertical Horizon-Starring Role) spent the past five and half months with Dayton on his family’s farm in Calmar, AB and was part of the Standardbred 4-H project.  Dayton is sad to see her go, but would like to wish her new owners the best of luck and would like to thank Bill Andrew and Meridian Farms for their faith in his ability to care for this wonderful filly.  Jenna Bec of High River, AB our other 4-H member would also like to thank Dr. James Rhodes and Meridian Farms for their help and for allowing her to care for a filly out of each of their breeding operations.  Both members put a tremendous amount of work and heart into the yearlings and the project as a whole.

ASHA and all of the consignors wish the very best of luck to all purchasers.  We look forward to seeing your dreams come true as you continue to raise and train these future champions in Standardbred racing.

1 Call Your Dragon $20,500 Custard The Dragon Call Your Mamma JJJ Stables Heather Davies
2 Custards Dream $18,000 Custard The Dragon Chase My Dream Blair Corbeil & Kelly Hoerdt James Rhodes
3 Whispering Art $6,500 Thinking Out Loud China Art Tara Lambie Dr. Larry Hanson
4 Coz Im Special $8,000 Mystery Chase Cozamel David Kelly James Rhodes
5 Chase The Gold $12,000 Mystery Chase Daiquiri Blue Chip Buy Back James Rhodes
6 Drive Away $10,000 Vertical Horizon Diagram Hanover Jason Peters Meridian Farms, Agent
7 Bush Pilot $4,500 Santanna Blue Chip Burstin Bubbles Glenn Lutz Meridian Farms, Agent
8 Alberta Rose $6,000 Santanna Blue Chip Don’t Stare Rod Therres Lynda Atkinson
9 Hoozsufrdthefedaia $20,000 Blue Burner Doober Hoozzitz Blair Corbeil Dion Burlock
10 Dream Away Girl $0 Vertical Horizon Dreamway Camotion WITHDRAWN Rick McAllister
11 Withdrawn $0 Withdrawn Withdrawn WITHDRAWN Withdrawn
12 Graceful Horizon $9,000 Vertical Horizon Gracie Montana Chris Lancaster Dr. Larry Hanson
13 High Heaven $6,000 Mystician Hare Canada Don McDougall Meridian Farms, Agent
14 Chasing Marilyn $4,500 Mystery Chase Hello Marilyn David Kelly James Rhodes
15 Lovin Up On You $0 Custard The Dragon Hot Night   Brandon Campbell, Agent
16 Gee Wilikers $2,000 Gotta A Bad Attitude Im Sheila Melinda Smith Gary Clark, Agent
17 Hip Hop Hooligan $6,000 Mystician Indigo Blue Taylor Reed Karen Sobey
18 Sunset Rider $7,000 Vertical Horizon Insurance Fee Fred Gillis James Rhodes
19 Movin On $1,600 Gotta A Bad Attitude Jazzy Jet William Collins Gary Clark, Agent
20 A Private Affair $10,500 Mystician Jennas Pass Ray Henry Kathleen & Clifford Coonfer
21 Blue Moon $14,500 Vertical Horizon Block Party Paul Davies Meridian Farms, Agent
22 Rockin Novel $9,000 Mystery Chase Kill A Rockingbird David Kelly James Rhodes, Agent
23 Withdrawn $0 Withdrawn Withdrawn WITHDRAWN Withdrawn
24 Outtheresomewhere $0 Vertical Horizon Mod Mod World WITHDRAWN Jenna Bec, Agent 4-H
25 Tartan Patch $4,200 Vertical Horizon Mood Light Rene Goulet Angie Benson
26 Nevada Vacation $16,000 Mystery Chase Nevada Chris Lambie James Rhodes, Agent
27 Nice View $9,000 Vertical Horizon Nice Yankee Meadowlark Farms James Rhodes
28 Overactive $6,000 Mystician One Hot Majorette Kelly Hoerdt & Blair Corbeil Meridian Farms, Agent
29 Da Magic Coco $31,900 Custard The Dragon Phone Terror RNA Serge Masse, Agent
30 Colli Wobbles $2,500 Gotta A Bad Attitude Polka Dot Catherine Case/Gary Clark Gary Clark, Agent
31 Play Like Kirara $7,200 Sunshine Beach Prairie Tracker Sandor Jaszai & Brent Bodor Dr. Larry Hanson
32 Rose Robin $10,000 Mystician Real Chop Rod Therres Meridian Farms, Agent
33 Withdrawn $0 Withdrawn Withdrawn WITHDRAWN Withdrawn
34 Gold On The Horizon $6,700 Vertical Horizon Rollin Deep Lorne Duffield & Rod Hennessy James Rhodes
35 Gold Train $13,000 State Treasurer Too Ideal Paul Davies Meridian Farms, Agent
36 Shark Week $6,000 Vertical Horizon Shark Gone Bad Lorne Duffield & Rod Hennessy Meridian Farms, Agent
37 Blue Star Blue $5,500 Blue Burner Shes Camazing Ralph Morrow/Jacques Lambert William Zaretsky
38 Samba Beat $7,000 Santanna Blue Chip She Machs Delight Don McDougall Meridian Farms, Agent
39 Minami No Kiri $5,000 Mystician Southwind Luna Sandor Jaszai & Brent Bodor Meridian Farms, Agent
40 Silver Screen $5,700 Vertical Horizon Starring Role Lee Ibey Dayton Rickard, Agent 4-H
41 Stetch Bandit $10,700 Mystician Stelle Nel Cielo Sandor Jaszai & Brent Bodor Meridian Farms, Agent
42 Lady Chevre $9,000 Betterthancheddar Tammibest Joe Ratchford Joe Ratchford
43 Tap The Dragon $0 Custard The Dragon Tap Out WITHDRAWN Larry Thomas
44 Blue Star Mystic $2,700 Mystician Telegraph Hanover Chris Phillips William Zaretsky
45 Dodger Blue $45,000 Sportswriter Divine Justice Keith Clark Meridian Farms, Agent
46 Balare Fast Trip $2,700 Test Flight Triptonic Hanover Shannon Crump Lynda Atkinson
47 Dragons Treasure $5,700 Custard The Dragon Twin B Treasure Keith Clark James Rhodes, Agent
48 Whirl A Wick $22,000 Santanna Blue Chip Westart Love Blair Corbeil/Kelly Hoerdt Meridian Farms, Agent
49 Periwinkle Bugatti $10,000 Mystician Yellow Mustang Lorne Duffield/Rod Hennessy Gregory Manning, Agent
50 B Special  $16,500 Mystery Chase B C Fantasy Don Richardson James Rhodes
51 Heysavemesomechips $5,200 Santanna Blue Chip Baby You Save Me Andrew Scott Andrew Scott
52 Sunshine Boy $6,500 Sunshine Beach Betterfrombehind Peter Chanak Brandon Campbell, Agent
53 Slay The Dragon $4,700 Custard The Dragon Beyond Paradise Keith Clark Allan Neurauter
54 Sent By Angels $45,000 Custard The Dragon Bin N Heaven JJJ Stables James Rhodes, Agent
55 Jeremiahs Hammer $7,000 Control The Moment Just Sassy Fred Gillis Meridian Farms, Agent
56 Jack N Diane $4,500 Vertical Horizon Blue Star West Jamie Gray Jamie Gray
57 Bonus Round $8,200 Santanna Blue Chip Bouncing Hanover David Kelly Meridian Farms, Agent

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