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ASHA and the Standardbred 4-H Project Report

Written by Colleen Haining, ASHA
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Sierra and Cleo (Call Sign) Sierra and Cleo (Call Sign)

Sierra and Cleo (Call Sign)

Hi, my name is Sierra Macdonald and this is my 6th year in 4-H. I ride both English and Western, but mostly English. I am also in Pony Club, and I am an eventer/jumper. My long-term goal is to compete in the Olympics. I have enjoyed this program a lot and love working with Call Sign, also known as Cleo. She has been so much fun to work with and has the cutest, and personally, the best personality. She has very good manners and she would rather be among humans than horses. She is super curious and is quite the character. I believe that she will go far in her career.

Nyla and Cheers (Cheers for Pres)

Hello! My name is Nyla Wright and I am 14 years old. This is my second year in 4- H and I am with the Millarville Saddle Sores 4-H Light horse club. I ride Western in my club and at home. I also enjoy working and training my horses as well as others. This year, my Standardbred CHEERS FOR PRES was very feisty and shy at the same time. She did not have a lot of trust but with time and a lot of patience, she has over come that. Once she learned to trust, she was a fast learner. However, I had to do things very slow with her. "Cheers" is a very sweet and loving horse. She nickers at me every day when I go out to feed and work with her. "Cheers" has come along way and she has a winner's attitude. I hope to see her win her races so come down and - see this magnificent horse at the sale. Look at this pretty girl; she is sure to win you over. I hope to continue working with the Standardbred program in the future. It is a great program to be a part of.

Cheyenne and Dawn (Wink Away)

Hi! My name is Cheyenne Widdecke and my Standardbred project filly is Wink Away. She is a very loveable little creature, learns very quickly, and will never have you bored! I am seventeen years old, and live in Lousana, Alberta. I enjoy riding Western and have been in 4-H Lighthorse for 7 years! Currently I am in the Blindman 4-H Lighthorse Club. This year I decided to try the Standard program because I wanted to expand my views in other sections of the horse world, in order to gain more experience and knowledge. I have learned a lot and am very thankful for everyone who put in the effort to run this program and thankful to my parents for letting me be in it.

ASHA and 4-H Alberta

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