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RMTC Opening Dates

Written by Garry Allison - Rocky Mountain Turf Club
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Quit thinking about winter and turn your thoughts to the Rocky Mountain Turf Club's spring race meet. It’s right around the corner. For the first time in many years, the Rocky Mountain Turf Club season will not open on the Kentucky Derby weekend - instead, opening weekend is May 10-11.

"We have found most race goers prefer to watch the Derby without the interruption of the live races," says RMTC CEO Max Gibb. "I know this breaks a long tradition, but it is what our race goers want. They simply prefer to concentrate on the Derby.”

"As well, by accident this soggy spring it gives our horsemen an extra week of training. Our RMTC live races for 2014 will begin the weekend following the Derby." RMTC Race Manager Dot Stein says the track is in excellent condition for training "and the horse population for training is up this year.

"Including Millarville on July 1, we'll have 45 days of racing this year and we have 14 jockeys who say they'll ride here, two of those are female, Kaylan McCarthy and Kassite Guglielmino." Also among the riders will be Larris Allen, veterans Stephen Blakaley and Randy Cunningham, as well as returnees Ramiro Sanchez Castillo, Dwight Lewis, Tyler Walker Hector Rabbitskin, Valentino McBean, Vincent Palmer, Blandford Stewart, Philip Clunks and Andrew Wright, Missing this spring will be the popular Scott Sterr.

The RMTC Spring Meet will run May 10-11 through the end of June, 27-29. On July 1, the horses and riders move to Millarville for the annual running there, with the horses returning to the RMTC July 5-6 to close out the spring.

"We always have a large meet at Millarville and this July will be no exception," says Gibb. "As well we are looking forward to what I'm certain will be an exciting and competitive meet at Whoop-Up Downs in Lethbridge." The horses will move to Grande Prairie for the annual summer meet and return to the RMTC the first weekend in September and into October.

Fall meet dates are August 30 and 31 and September 1. Racing continues each weekend thereafter (Including Fridays) through the final weekend October 10-13.

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