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RMTC Jockey Standings

Written by Garry Allison - Rocky Mountain Turf Club
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Rocky Mountain Turf Club


Scott Sterr won one more race than Ramiro Sanchez Castillio during the final weekend at the
Rocky Mountain Turf Club to pull into a year-end tie, wrapping up a very tight race for the
jockey's title.
Castillio had been pretty steady all Fall - excelling in the Quarter horse races - where Sterr had an
exceptional few weekends, knotting both riders with 24 wins apiece.
Now near in mind these figures include both Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds and even Paints.
It will be a few months before the numbers are broken down into those categories.
Right behind in the overall race was Blandford Stewart with 22 wins.

Scott Sterr has long been one of the best riders at the RMTC and he certainly underlined that fact
once again this year. Castillio, who speaks very little English, is relatively new to the Whoop-Up
Downs track.
Sitting fourth was steady, dependable rider Teagan Oulton with 16 wins. Tyler Walker had 14
wins in fifth hole.
If she returns, a rider to keep an eye on is Corrine Andros, who had seven wins in a relatively
short time, and a lot less rides than the other jockeys.
Larris Allen. With 15 wins, didn't ride the final weekend due to a suspension.
On the training side of the ledger, Lyle Magnuson wrapped things up in fine finishing with 18
victories. Behind him was big William Leech with 12 victories.
Laurie Ferguson wound up with nine wins and veteran Robert Gwilliam came on strong the final
weekend and came away with eight wins. Rick Wiest, Allen Goodsell and Elaine Edwards all
recorded seven victories each.

Its hard to get a handle on the best horses without official records, but you couldn't go wrong
backing horses like Dubla Gold, He's Italian, Beau Griz, Feel The Moment, Sizzzano and quite a
few others. There was a balance set of horses in most races this season.

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