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Spring Meet Leaders RMTC

Written by Garry Allison - Rocky Mountain Turf Club
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Rocky Mountain Turf Club
When it was all said and done, the Rocky Mountain Turf Club Race Manager, the RMTC CEO
and jockey Larris Allen were all smiling.

Along with Allen, trainer Rick Wiest had a bit of a grin as well.
Dot Stein and Max Gibb were pleased with the overall Spring Meet and the fact the handle was up for the
two months (weekends only) of racing.
"I also saw a lot of new people, and a lot of young people out here this Spring," said Race
Manager Dot Stein. "Our handle was ahead of last year,"

Larris Allen came into the final weekend with a nice cushion for leading rider, and while he only
had two wins the last two days he exited as top rider, with 30 wins.
"I thank God for that, it has been a long Spring, the Jamaican rider stated.
Second was Blandford Stewart with 24 victories, four the closing weekend. Raniro Sanchez
Castillo wound up in third with 19 wins and veteran Scott Sterr, with four wins closing weekend
brought 16 horses home first.

Teagan Oulton's four wins closing weekend gave her 11 for the meet, tying her with injured
Tyler Walker. Valentino McBean was the only other rider to hit double figures with 10 wins.
Rick Wiest, for whom Larris Allen rides, came on strong the last two weekends to take the
trainer's title with 18 wins.
Wiest and Lyle Magnuson had been going at it all Spring, but in the end Lyle wound up the
bridesmaid with 15 victories.
Stan Marks, the 86-year old trainer, was third with eight wins. Big William Leech, who had a
good June, Norm Cuthbertson both had seven wins apiece.
Pete Dubois and Laurie Anderson, who had to take her horses home early due to flooding in the
open barn area, both had six victories. Jim Depew, Janice Sather and Gail McConaghie wound
up with five wins.

RMTC CEO Max Gibb was pleased the Spring Meet virtually avoided major damage due to the
Spring downpours and resulting flooding.
"It was quire a race for top trainer, which is nice to see and Larris Allen was a deserving winner
of the top rider honours.
"As Dot says we had some nice crowds this Spring, with a lot of new people enjoying this sport
I've spent almost my entire life involved with, in one form or another. I'm now looking forward
to our Fall Meet, and I wish Grande Prairie the best for their summer show."





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