Horse Racing Alberta Act

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Section 4 HORSE RACING ALBERTA ACT RSA 2000 Chapter H-11.3




4 The objects of the Corporation are the following:

(a) to govern, direct, control, regulate, manage, market and promote horse racing in any or all of its forms;

(b) to protect the health, safety and welfare of race horses and, with respect to horse racing, the safety and welfare of racing participants and racing officials;

(c) to safeguard the interests of the general public in horse racing.

1996 cR-1.5 s4


5 The Corporation has, for the purposes of carrying out its objects under this Act, the capacity and the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person.

1996 cR-1.5 s5


6(1) The board may make bylaws governing the administration and management of the business and affairs of the Corporation, including the establishment and payment of remuneration and expenses to the members of the board.

(2) The Regulations Act does not apply to a bylaw made under this section.

1996 cR-1.5 s6

Financial Administration Act

7 The Financial Administration Act does not apply to the Corporation or any matter carried out under this Act.

1996 cR-1.5 s7

Crown agency

8 The Corporation is not an agent of the Crown.

1996 cR-1.5 s8

Financial matters

9(1) All fees, costs and other revenue arising with respect to the administration of this Act or any other matter administered by the Corporation are the revenues of the Corporation.

(2) All money from any source that is received by and all money that is payable to the Corporation belongs to the Corporation.