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Section 22 HORSE RACING ALBERTA ACT RSA 2000 Chapter H-11.3



Alberta for the purposes of promoting, developing and improving the breeding of race horses in Alberta;

(o) governing the criteria that must be met by rules made by horse breed registries under clause (n);

(p) governing substances that may be administered to a race horse;

(q) prohibiting the administering of substances to a race horse;

(r) governing devices that may be fitted to or implanted in a race horse;

(s) prohibiting the fitting to or the implanting of a device in a race horse;

(t) governing objects and equipment that may be used in respect of race horses and horse races;

(u) prohibiting the use of objects and equipment in respect of race horses and horse races;

(v) governing veterinary practices in respect of race horses; (w) governing the taking of samples under section 16 and the analysis of those samples;

(x) establishing and governing the imposition and enforcement of sanctions and penalties under this Act;

(y) subject to this Act, governing the conduct of inspections, searches and seizures carried out under this Act;

(z) governing the conduct of investigations and hearings carried out under section 18 by racing officials including, for the purposes of conducting an investigation and hearing, making, with all necessary modifications, rules with respect to the same subject-matter with respect to which rules may be made under section 28;

(aa) governing the records, accounts and documentation to be maintained by persons licensed under this Act;

(bb) prescribing the duties of racing officials and governing the carrying out of those duties;

(cc) governing the activities of racing participants in respect of matters governed by this Act;