Horse Racing Alberta Act

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Section 22 HORSE RACING ALBERTA ACT RSA 2000 Chapter H-11.3



(b) prescribing activities, in addition to those referred to in section 1(1)(d), as licensed activities;

(c) designating persons, in addition to those specified in section 1(1)(j), as racing officials;

(d) designating persons, in addition to those specified in section 1(1)(k), as racing participants;

(e) governing the licensing of persons under this Act and the suspension, revocation and reinstatement of licences and designating the persons or class of persons who may issue, suspend, revoke or reinstate licences;

(f) governing the imposing of conditions under which a licence is issued, including the right to search the licensee and property of the licensee;

(g) establishing, in any amounts considered appropriate by the Corporation, fees or other charges

(i) for any licences issued under this Act,
(ii) for any services provided by the Corporation, (iii) in respect of horse racing,
(iv) in respect of any activities carried out by the Corporation, and
(v) in respect of any matter that relates to the administration of this Act or the carrying out of the objects of the Corporation;

(h) governing the fees and charges referred to in clause (g);

(i) governing the allocation of racing days for the conduct of horse racing and the simulcast of horse racing;

(j) governing the conduct of horse races;

(k) governing the simulcast of horse racing; (l) governing the operation of race tracks;

(m) prescribing or restricting any matter in respect of a race horse or the racing of a race horse for which the trainer of record is responsible;

(n) requiring horse breed registries to make rules establishing the qualifications for accredited race horses bred in