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Section 15 HORSE RACING ALBERTA ACT RSA 2000 Chapter H-11.3



(4) Where a person is licensed under this Act to carry out an activity in respect of which a licence is required under this Act, that person shall not carry out, attempt to carry out or purport to carry out that activity during the time that the person’s licence is suspended or otherwise not in force.

1996 cR-1.5 s14

Trainer of record

15(1) The Corporation may require that the owner of a race horse register with the Corporation the name of a person who is the trainer of record for that race horse.

(2) The Corporation may prohibit the racing of a race horse if no trainer of record has been registered with the Corporation for that race horse.

(3) Subject to the rules, the trainer of record for a race horse is deemed to be responsible in respect of that race horse for any matter prescribed under the rules.

(4) Subject to the rules, where a contravention of this Act occurs with respect to a race horse, the trainer of record for that race horse is liable for that contravention and is subject to any penalty, sanction or direction that may be made in respect of that contravention.

(5) Nothing in subsection (3) or (4) shall be construed so as to remove or limit the liability of any other person who may be liable for a contravention of this Act with respect to a race horse.

1996 cR-1.5 s15

Ongoing inspections, etc.

16(1) For any purpose referred to in subsection (2), a racing official designated under subsection (3) may, during any hours that are reasonable in the circumstances, from time to time or at any specific time

(a) on, at or near a race track carry out inspections of

(i) race horses,
(ii) buildings, areas, receptacles or facilities, (iii) vehicles,
(iv) racing participants,
(v) veterinarians, analysts and other persons employed or carrying out work at a race track, and