Regulatory and Licensing Committee Terms of Reference

Name of Committee: Regulatory and Licensing Committee

Purpose: The Regulatory and Licensing Committee will assist the Board in carrying out its regulatory responsibilities and review and recommend to the Board the licensing of racetracks in Alberta.

Authority: The Regulatory and Licensing Committee serves as an advisory body to the Board.

Terms of Reference: The Regulatory and Licensing Committee will have the authority to:

Reporting Responsibilities

  • Provide advice to the Board on matters pertaining to its mandate
  • Advise the Board on any other related issues relative to the parameters of this committee

Budget & Business Planning

  • Advise on key strategic initiatives relative to the business plan
  • Recommend the regulatory budget and allocations
  • Follow the direction laid out in Horse Racing Alberta’s business plan and contribute on a yearly basis to the evolution of this plan as the needs, focus, and face of the industry change

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Policies

  • Ensure that Horse Racing Alberta has in place those mechanisms necessary for the effective monitoring of Horse Racing Alberta judges, stewards, and security personnel
  • Maintain an awareness of new industry standards and rules changes
  • Ensure Federal-Provincial regulatory rules and regulations are adhered to
  • Ensure appropriate communication with the Appeals Tribunal
  • Work with the Board and any other regulatory body to establish a working Federal-Provincial dialogue to deal with changes and technology
  • Work towards the development of a sound regulatory framework, including the review of Horse Racing Alberta policies as they relate to licensing and regulation
  • Enhance the policy of stiff penalties for drug infractions through meaningful fines and suspensions
  • Work closely with the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Association on all Federal matters pertaining to Horse Racing and Criminal Code compliance
  • Monitor and when directed be involved in the politics and decision making at Provincial, Federal, and International levels concerning equine care, transportation, horse identification, and demographics of disease
  • Assist the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) in developing and implementing strategies at the Federal level which will facilitate growth of the industry and combat challenges of modern technology, which are used to sell or pirate the live racing signal


  • Ensure that all industry partners and prospective track owners are aware of Horse Racing Alberta expectations and policies regarding the establishment of new tracks and related entertainment centres
  • Review applications for new track licenses and recommend to the Board
  • On an annual basis review all racetrack licenses and ensure that they continue to comply with the agreement

Other Responsibilities

  • Recommend those measures which will encourage or enhance the integrity of the industry
  • Advise on current issues facing the industry where they impact on the equine health and welfare
  • Continue to work to ensure that the industry and public have confidence that Alberta racehorses and breeding stock are treated with respect and dignity
  • Ensure that all Horse Racing Alberta programs that are introduced have been appropriately researched for their impact on animal welfare
  • Ensure statistics are reviewed as presented by Horse Racing Alberta veterinarians
  • Foster, encourage, and conduct industry research
  • Industry is made aware on an ongoing basis of current equine health issues, disease epidemics, and suggested protocols for reduction of spread
  • Monitor and review injuries at the track as presented by HRA

Membership: The Regulatory and Licensing Committee chair is Martin West.


  • Norm Castiglione
  • Vacant opening
  • Doug Fenske, Manager of Racing Supervision and Security, HRA
  • Jeff Robillard, Manager of Marketing & Communications HRA

Chairmanship: The Chair of the Horse Racing Alberta Board will name the Chair of any and all committees, upon approval from the Board.